Mr. Sherwood has authored 14 books, hosted his own radio program, taught at KU, MU and Stanford graduate schools of business, earned MBA and MS degrees, received an honorary Doctorate, founder and CEO of 2 Silicon Valley technology companies and directed businesses in South Africa, Europe and the Middle East. He was president of a venture capital firm, was a senior board member to 30 companies, was profiled in Fortune and Business Week, winner of the 1995 Entrepreneur of the Year award, presented seminars on Leadership and Technology to more than 3000 executives and testified in court on behalf of Google, Yahoo! and Facebook.

His consulting practice includes technology product development, leadership training, seminars, speaking engagements and professional coaching.

He has been married for 38 years to Helen and has 5 sons. Mr. Sherwood and his wife divide their time between Leawood, Kansas and Rancho Mirage, California.

His novels and non-fiction books are available on  Amazon.