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Truman said it. The only thing new is the history you have not read. McCain understands finally.


Trump and the media. A colossal collision between results and process. Tillerson and Trump do agree.

Harvey Weinstein and Larry Flynt. You be the judge.

Unleavened intellect – untethered to principle. George Will could make a sunset seem sinister.

Communication is culture.Trump spent $92 million on Facebook ads. Russia spent $100K. Democrats spent zero.

Scientists are blowing in the wind – energy that is. The Ivory Tower huffs and puffs again.

Disintermediation – understand it. It is changing your world.

This is a must listen. You will not believe it. $1.1 million for what?

It’s not about laws it’s about implementation. I said it again.

What is the connection between collaborative data bases and gun control?

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