The Brain Brokers

In this story, David Dawson uncovers a scheme to track and control the lives of the smartest people in America. He discovers details of a 1921 study which analyzed and tracked 1521 of the most gifted Americans. Their identities have always been zealously guarded. Although the original study subjects are dead, their descendants live on. 
Dawson is a single, G5 jet flying, 930 Porsche driving international traveler, and technology guru from Silicon Valley. Dawson and his two partners, Dr. Matthew Zimmerman, a technology wizard, and  Helen Shepherd, a beautiful sensuous woman, find themselves on a roller coaster ride they couldn’t have anticipated.
Dawson has made millions in Silicon Valley, and as a result has an enormous catalog of international connections—both government and private. His expert witness investigations pull him into conspiracies he doesn’t anticipate, and he uses his connections to pull him out. 
Dawson’s path collides with a dangerous billionaire Greek geneticist who launches a program to identify all the Americans who participated in the study. It becomes clear that the Greek will stop at nothing to get his hands on the identities of those people—including kidnapping, extortion and murder. The Greek wants to sell their identities to foreign governments and use their DNA to increase the intelligence level of a select few people.
From challenging Darwin’s theory of evolution to exploring basic DNA beliefs, the story engages the reader in genuine issues of personal privacy and of elitist government theories.  It is a fast paced thriller that engages the reader in the latest in bio-technology possibilities combined with a love story between the main characters. It’s plausible and will make the reader a genuine believer.