imo front cover march 3In My Opinion, Dawson’s team deals with a clever technology scheme to rig the stock market while he tries to prevent Alaska from threatening to secede from the United States. It begins with an explosion and then moves from Washington DC to Paris, to Iran and back to New Mexico in a worldwide tour of thrilling action, espionage, technology and political intrigue.

Meet David Dawson, a single, G5 flying, 930 Porsche driving international traveler, an expert witness from Silicon Valley; and his team at D&Z Partners as they dive into yet another adventure they didn’t expect—and a ride they couldn’t have anticipated. Dawson has two associates who work with him at D&Z Partners: Dr. Matthew Zimmerman, a Stanford graduate, resident genius and technology wizard; and  Helen Shepherd, a beautiful woman with more common sense and organizational skill than the other two partners combined. 
Dawson has made a fortune in Silicon Valley, and as a result, has an enormous catalog of international connections—both government and private. His expert witness investigations pull him into intrigue he doesn’t foresee, and he uses his connections to pull him out. In a Quixotic way (minus the horse), he takes litigation cases that he believes will make a positive difference in the world. His special crusade is protecting American innovation.
In the story, In My Opinion, Dawson uncovers a new and dangerous market insider trading scheme. The treacherous scheme is controlled by two men, Prince Alexander Vial-Rothstein and an American businessman, Ed Werner. Recklessly, these two men use unique technology to access confidential information stored on innocuous digital copiers located in high-security government offices around the world including Alaska.  Dawson meets the charismatic Governor of Alaska, Jonathan Hawthorne, who has just advised the president of the United States that Alaska is seceding from America, and he intends to return the oil riches of Alaska back to the Alaskan citizens. 
The insider trading scheme threatens to destroy the American economy. And a successful Alaskan secession might be followed, like dominoes, by the states of Texas and California. Together these menacing events could collapse the United States of America similar to the way the Union of Soviet Russia Republic disintegrated decades earlier. 
Dawson persuades Hawthorne to join forces and use the Alaskan secession threat to save America and destroy the insider trading scheme. The story moves around the world from Alaska to Washington to Paris and to Iran before ending in the skies above New York’s Kennedy International. In My Opinion is a fast-paced thriller with exciting characters who will capture your imagination and leave you believing this story could happen tomorrow, or maybe it is happening already today.