helen 2015-02-27 14.16.55You can purchase all my novels b0th fiction and non-fiction on Amazon in both digital and print format. If you would like an autographed copy, you can purchase that directly from me on this site or send an email to me with your purchase request.

The adventures of David Dawson.

imo front cover march 3In My Opinion, Dawson’s team deals with a clever technology scheme to rig the stock market while he tries to prevent Alaska from threatening to secede from the United States. It begins with an explosion and then moves from Washington DC, to Paris, to Iran and back to New Mexico in a world wide tour of thrilling action, espionage, technology and political intrigue.

Brain-Brokers-front-coverIn The Brain Brokers, Dawson uncovers a scheme to control the lives of the smartest people in America. It begins with a study on the lives of 1521 of the smartest Americans started in 1921 by a famous Stanford professor, the story rolls through silicon valley, a new DNA technology is invented and the adventure finally ends with a siege in the middle of the Sierra mountains that threatens the life of a 13 year old genius.

Pandora-front coverIn Pandora’s Prisoner, Dawson discovers that the Greek gods were smart in not letting the spirit Elpis out of the box. Dawson embarks on a journey of healing, gambling addiction, befriending a person with proven healing powers who visits with aliens, medical fraud and ending with self discovery on the meaning of life.

AUA Front Cover WEBAn Unforgivable Act. Hiroshima, 1945—a city incinerated by nuclear attack, and the forge that creates a beautiful psychopath named Mito Mitsui, bent on ultimate revenge against America. What is born in these ashes will change the world forever. David Dawson is back in this thriller, caught in the dangerous dance of revenge—holding the fate of America and the world in the balance. What starts as a seemingly innocuous supply problem with a small but vital electronic component for a fighter plane soon reveals a much larger, and more dangerous, vulnerability. America relies on foreign companies for the production of sensitive technology—and one of those companies belongs to a Japanese keiretsu, a business conglomerate brought into being by the white hot hate of a woman damaged beyond redemption by the fatal attack on Hiroshima.

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