More than 2,000,000 copies of these forms have been sold. Now, I am providing them free to help businesses save money and survive the economic turmoil caused by the Coronavirus. A few years ago, I engaged a lawyer to write more than 130,000 words of instructions on how to complete more than 2,300 blanks in 90 commonly used business agreement forms. These forms are available now for free.

The forms do not take the place of a good attorney, but they educate a person on the elements of each form. The forms were originally licensed to several companies, including Intuit, Inc., Peachtree Software, My Software Corporation, Activision, H&R Block. and Expert Software, Inc. They were sold under many names including LegalPoint, Kiplinger Small Business Attorney and Kiplinger Home Legal Advisor.

Use these forms as you wish, but of course, I am not providing any legal advice or opinion on their use. These forms are a first step to protect your business and personal assets. If you wish to have an attorney review your business situation, please contact me at [email protected]