Understanding Artificial Intelligence

I. Introduction

  • Welcome and introductions
  • Audience survey
  • Overview of the seminar’s objectives
  • Review Take-aways, e.g., AI models and applications
  • Real time demonstration of narrative AI

II. What is Artificial Intelligence? 

  • Definition of AI and its historical context
  • Differentiating between narrow AI and general AI
  • Commercial examples of AI applications

III. Review and Compare 10 most Popular AI models

  • How AI systems learn from data
  • Briefly Review 100 popular AI prompts
  • 10 Best AI models including chat, GPT and Claude and eight more.

IV. AI in Everyday Life (15 minutes)

  • How AI affects our daily routines and interactions
  • Examples of AI in common products and services
  • AI and new business opportunities
  • Benefits and potential drawbacks
  • 4 ways to use AI to increase your visibility in social media

V. AI demonstrations 

  • Resumes, websites, books, marketing plans, activity plans, client emails
  • Large excel data file analysis
  • Code writing
  • Image creation

VII. The Ethics of AI 

  • Discussion on ethical related to AI
  • Bias in AI systems and its implications
  • The role of ethics in AI development and deployment

VII. Q&A Session 

  • Open the floor to questions from the audience

VIII. Conclusion 

  • Summarize key takeaways from the seminar
  • Next steps