Objective: Prepare a written staff recruitment and retention plan and specific steps for implementation and adoption by staff

  • Evaluate compensation benchmarks to ensure competitive packages.
  • Define total rewards (compensation, benefits, work life balance) for different staff age levels and different career plans.
  • Assess staffing performance benchmarks to verify appropriate allocation of staff.
  • Examine payer contracts to understand how the practice’s current staffing situation can affect value and quality conversations.
  • Examine staff demographics, working conditions and lifestyle preferences.
  • Develop a 5 year business strategy for staff recruitment and retention that includes at least the following considerations: flexible incentive programs, deferred compensation, bonus vesting, defined career paths, nonfinancial benefits, flexible work schedule, technology allowances, continued education, value-based performance metrics, value payments, customer satisfaction metrics and customer engagement scores.

Contact me at [email protected],com to schedule a subject matter seminar or an engagement to prepare this program for your business or professional practice. For most businesses or professional practices, the Staff Recruitment and Retention Plan engagement fee is $15,000 and is completed within 6 weeks of engagement agreement.